Liquid Shredder FSE Plus Bodyboards Shred-Core 44 Inch (Blue)


FSE Plus Bodyboards 44in
44in EPP Core Bodyboards by Liquid Shredder
Brand: Liquid Shredder
Manufacturer: Soft Surfboards, Inc.
Model: BB FSE44E
Product ID: BB FSE44E


Liquid Shredder FSE Plus Bodyboards Shred-Core 44 Inch

FSE Plus Bodyboards Shred-Core

FSE Plus Bodyboards Shred-Core is the height of fun and Liquid Shredder technology.  Liquid Shredder has Reimagined the design and performance characteristics of the belly board.

  • FSE Plus Bodyboards start with a Premium Shred-Core Polypro blank, The unique Shred-Core is highly durable Polypropylene.
  • Available as a 44in size to meet virtually any rider’s skill and needs.
  • Fully heat laminated, no glue.
  • Shred-Deck is Super IXPE Soft Polyethylene with contours and thumb Grips
  • Shred-Hull Slick Channel Bottom provides advanced performance, and wave carving grip with IXHD Polyethylene Fiberglass Stringer System.
  • Crescent Tail, Double Rail add radical bite in the turns.
  • Fully Heat Laminated Construction uses no adhesives for anti delamination durability.
  • Includes Leash Plug.
  • Color options available at checkout.
  • 90 Day Consumer use Warranty through Liquid Shredder