Gortex Retro Fit Vent Plug


Originally, Gore designed this vent for sealed
military electronics, so it meets very stringent spec’s for a saltwater
environment. This vent isn’t an immunity to heat problem with EPS,
and customers should understand that boards still cannot be left in
the sun; especially upside down on roof racks.


 Retro-Fit Vent

Grey Vent Plug. Vent plugs are used for venting EPS boards or wood hollow-core boards. This vent is “self-venting” which means there is no need to open and close it after installation.

Installation requires a 1″ forster bit or short-bit holesaw.

Screw size: M12x1.5

This vent is SELF-VENTING, which means it “breathes” constantly alleviating the need to open and close it. Or in worse case, forgetting to close it! The vent will flow 40
ml/minute max, and SUP’s over 10′ or hollow boards should use two
(mid-board & near tail).