Wax Buddy Wax comb w/bottle opener


Wax Buddy’s founders set out to make surfer’s lives better. The simplicity of their revolutionary design is ingenious, inspired by a humble putty knife.

Its handle provides the leverage needed to comb or scrape off wax properly without digging the comb teeth into your palm. This unique, three-in-one surf tool acts as a wax comb, wax scraper, and rail cleaner.

Since a good sunset sessions isn’t complete without a cold beer, this three-in-one tool is now a four-in-one with the added bottle opener!!


Black, or Green
  • TWICE AS FAST: Remove wax in half the time with a an ergonomic handle that provides incredible leverage.
  • INNOVATIVE BOTTLE OPENER: World’s only wax comb that has a built in bottle opener for that beer or bottle of soda.
  • 3 SIDED VERSATILITY: A flat scraper for most of board, a concave edge for rails, and a comb for forming wax to create great traction. Also works as a windshield ice scraper.
  • BEST IN CLASS COMFORT: The handle is not only strong but allows to comfortably grip the wax comb to scrape wax off for days on end.
  • RECYCLED: Made of 100% recycled ABS plastic because we love the sea