Liquid Shredder Wood Skimboards EVA Deck 41in (Green)


Wood Skimboards with the extra traction of its Shred-Grip Soft EVA Deck. These Wood Skim Boards are durable with heat laminated soft, anti-slip traction.  The slight rocker makes them easy to throw and start sand sliding.  Shred with the best on Liquid Shredder Skimboards.


Liquid Shredder Wood Skimboards EVA Deck 41in  (Green)

Wood Skimboards with Shred-Grip Soft EVA Deck was developed by Liquid Shredder’s shaping staff to be high performance and low cost.  The Liquid Shredder solid fir wood Skimboards with antislip deck are high value at a low price.  Liquid Shredder skimmers have been sand skimming for nearly 20 years.  Our International design teams have tweaked this skimboard into perfection.  The sculpted core body styling of the blank creates an exquisite skim. Countless hours of hands-on expertise have been invested in perfecting the size, design, template, and the EVA formula that produced the final sand skimming skimboard.

Our Wood Skimboards are available in two colors of Liquid Comfort Shred-Grip anti-slip decks is laminated to the top deck.

  • Made of high-quality solid Fir wood, not common plywood. Liquid Shredder Skim Boards are Epoxy coated to strengthen and waterproof the high-quality Firwood core.  The solid fir wood Skimboards core helps reduce the chance of breaking, splitting, or warping of the core.
  • Available as a 41in wood skimboard to meet most skimboarding rider needs.
  • Color options available at checkout.  Choose your color between Pacific Blue or Atlantic Green in our Premium Quality EVA Shred-Grip decks.
  • Skimboards with antislip deck EVA deck is Fully heat laminated to the top, with no glue to reduce the chance of deck delamination. Do you wax a wooden skimboard? Not the Liquid Shredder Skimboards. So you never use surfboard wax.
  • 90 Day Consumer use Warranty through Liquid Shredder

There is no better bang for the buck in the skimming world.  Liquid Shredder’s skim boards are technologically forward yet rooted in tradition with a dedication to quality and performance designs Skim rocks the beaches worldwide.