Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards 8ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard (Blue)


EZ-Slider Soft Surfboard, the 8ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard is a Classic LongBoard. Dims 8’ x 21.5” x 3” Weigh 13.4lbs, Vol. 80lts.  For novice riders up to 180lbs, more for experienced surfers. Removable Tri-Fin system. Fabric leash attachment system is stronger than a plug.  Foot Leash sold separately.


Soft Surfboards 8ft EZ-Slider Foam Surfboard (Blue)

A classic long board, the 8ft EZ-Slider Soft Surfboard offers great length so you can easily catch waves. As you seek to ride one wave after another, you’ll find that it’s not only easy to use but also elevates the fun quotient. Surfing is about having fun after all and this 8ft Foamie Soft Surfboard was designed with this mission in mind. It’s also engineered to offer a soft landing surface, easy maneuverability, durability, and stability. There – it has it all and an eye-catching look that will catch stares everywhere it goes!

Perfect for Kids and Beginners As Well As Experts

The 8ft Foamie Soft Surfboard is designed specifically for kids and beginners. As an EZ Slider, it makes it easy to ride the waters and catch waves, increasing their confidence along the way.

That said, it is put to good use by surfers of varied skill levels, ranging from novices to experts. And why wouldn’t it be? At 8ft and with a soft foam deck, it’s the best longboard for novice riders up to 180lbs and experienced surfers too, carving the waves with ease. With great length and design, it’s engineered to perfection.

Moreover the soft foam lends great comfort to surfers as they land. But this foamie is not all mush!  It’s equipped with an EPS core with a slick and fast bottom, offering speed and toughness, gliding through effortlessly. And its Dual Wooden and One Fiberglass stringers give it strength and durability so it will last for years to come.

Plus with heat laminated materials and no glue, it offers safety, minimizing the risk of delaminations and eliminating the possibility of the glue failing in the hot summer sun.

In addition it has a fabric leash attachment system that is stronger than a plug and just as durable. Avoid the hassle of a leash plug that must be leaked or pulled loose, with our 8ft foamie.

Most Customers Also Purchased Optional: 8ft Straight Foot Leash

90 Day Consumer use Warranty.

Over Two Decades of Testing

Since 1999, Liquid Shredder surfboards have been the “go to” surfboards for surf schools and surf camps. Hundreds of thousands of new surfers have learned to surf on revolutionary soft top surfboards by Liquid Shredder.  Trusted and tested by professional surf instructors worldwide Liquid Shredder the best beginner surfboard.