Laird Superfood Medium Roast Ground Coffee


Peruvian Organic Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Our coffee is ground to a medium-fine to fine grind size of 960 μm – 860 μm. This grind makes this coffee perfect for pour overs, drip coffees, siphon coffee, and espresso.

Averages 40mg of caffeine per 8oz cup

About our packaging: Standard coffee packaging only reduces oxygen content to 3.5%. Even with a small amount of oxygen, coffee will go stale within 2-4 weeks. That means coffee in standard packaging is often stale before it even hits store shelves.

Our special proprietary system flushes with inert gasses to reduce oxygen content to 0%. Laird Superfood Coffee will taste fresh for six months if unopened. We go the extra mile to give you the best, freshest coffee possible.


Peruvian Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Product Description  12oz Bag

Laird Superfood Peruvian Ethically Sourced Medium Roast Ground Coffee is one of the top-rated premium coffee beans in the world.

Ethically Sourced: We put people and the planet first. We emphasize sustainability and social responsibility in all of our product choices.

Organic: This coffee is USDA Certified Organic.